Thursday, March 30, 2006


A few nights ago I had this dream about Frat Boy Flip (the male states' attorney in County A...his name says it all. He has the wet hair look b/c of all the gel and flips the front up a little bit). It was a sexual dream! Which completely freaked me out, I remembered about it when I was driving to work the following day. Ick!!

So then when I have been seeing him, I've felt kinda awkward. Even though nothing actually happened or would EVER happen, I've been feeling odd around him.

I seem to have dreams like this about guys I work with occasionally. When in law school, I dreamed about a clinic partner often. And I've had one about a boss before too. I wonder what that means? I certainly hope the dream about Frat Boy Flip don't keep recurring though. I'd have to become an insomniac!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So today was my first guilty pleas. It didn't go too well. My one client plead guilty to a theft under $500 and unfortunately for him it was a visiting judge. My client is this little grandpa who's never been in trouble before in his life. He got caught stealing from work but the victim in the case didn't want to press any charges. But the state decided to go through with them anyway. The victim and my client had already worked out the restitution. Both the victim and the state wanted no jail time.

I stood up and argued for a PBJ for my guy thinking I probably won't get that but maybe just a small fine or something. NOPE!!

The judge decided to sentence him to 120 days jail and suspend all but 20 to "teach him a lesson." Plus a period of time on probation. This was ridiculous, my guy has already learned his lesson and feels horribly for what he did. And the victim and the state's attorney aren't asking for any jail time at all!!

So we will be appealing it. I felt really horrible and think I could have done better. I was nervous since this was really the first time I've ever spoken in court. My boss told me other things I should have said and what not. The feedback was helpful but at the same time I have no experience or training (law school and internships and stuff don't count since it's not actually me doing anything) so it would have been helpful to have known before standing up there. So now I'm kinda feeling like had I done a better job or said some of the things my boss said I should have maybe my guy wouldn't be facing a possible 20 day sentence.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I have so far appeared in court twice. Once was on a motion for continuance, which was unopposed, I said "that's correct....May X.....Thank you." The second time was a stet (MD has this thing called the stet docket where they put cases with certain conditions for a year and then they go away without the client having to decide how to plea). In the stet I said "my client understands he's waving his right to a speedy trial."

This constitutes the amount of real court experience I've ever had. Which is why I'm sorta freaking out that it appears I have a trial on Thursday! I feel unready. There is another girl in my office who started working back in December and she just had her first trial last Friday. I on the other hand have been there 2 weeks and have received NO training. I've actually never even seen a trial in County A at all. I won't actually get trained for court stuff until June and was kinda hoping someone higher up than me would sit with me during the trial. It appears however that it'll just be me!

There is also pressure b/c it is a case that my client should win. It's a case regarding an identity and it appears there is nobody able to make an identity. So I was hoping the state would just dismiss it or N/P. But the state's attorney seems to not really want to make any decisions (read: is too busy trying to hit on me or befriend me--can't really tell which is going on either way he's going about it creepy)---so he doesn't make decisions but makes me come to his office to talk about cases. Once I get to his office, I'm kinda trapped there and don't really want to get in the habit of negotiating things on his turf all the time.

I feel kinda bad for the state's attorney actually. He seems like a nice guy but I think he might be lonely. His office is all women who don't appear to really socialize or like him too much. I've seen everyone else from the office going out to lunch except for him. He also is getting a really bad reputation because he angered some people. He use to be a member of the defense bar and then switched but burned bridges in doing that. So I'm not really sure if his bad reputation is deserved. He's also a young guy, only a few years older than me, and I would hate if I got a bad reputation so early in my career. So I think he may just be trying to be my friend since he doesn't really have too many around the courthouse. I'm not really sure if being his friend would be a good idea or not. But I should probably spend my time figuring out how to try a case!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Twig

A deputy said to a young female PD in County B that her and I were like "2 twigs on a tree." What does that even mean? I'm not sure how to react to that statement.

How far I've come

Yesterday, I went to lunch at Subway and while the pimply teenager made my sandwich, I thought about my first job. I got my 1st job when I was 15 and still needed a work permit. My bestfriend and I worked at a Bagel Shop.

Thinking back on the job, 3 things came to mind...

First, my friend and I always had to work closings on the weekends both nights. So we couldn't really have too much fun. We would complain to the boss (he was probably like 22 at the time) about not scheduling us for both closing nights (it closed at 10 so we wouldn't get out of there until close to 11). Since one of our parents would pick us up, it wasn't like we did anything afterwards. When the boss didn't stop scheduling us to work both nights, we would purposefully do a bad job cleaning hoping they wouldn't want us to close. When that didn't work either, we started taking food and drinks, since we were suppose to pay for everything we ate or drank, we would hide it by the door behind a gumball machine and take it when we left. We worked up to stealing bottled drinks, mugs and other gear. We got caught but stealing didn't work either so we were stuck. I guess they figured since we were getting minimum wage they were getting what they paid for (I actually got a raise when minimum wage went up). Luckily though, a few years after we stopped working there the boss would buy us beer.

Second, we weren't advanced enough to have a bagel slicer so we would have to cut the bagels with knives by hand. I would ALWAYS cut myself but I wouldn't stop working because I didn't want to make the sandwich again. So I would keep on making things as though I wasn't bleeding. This one time, I sliced the crap out of my thumb, it cut the glove and was bleeding everywhere. I left the counter and went the back to the get a bandaid. The boss told me to "get back to work." So I did and I still served the sandwich I was making when the initial bleeding began. I bleed this time for hours, probably need stitches, and have a scar on my hand still today. It's pretty gross to think back and wonder how many hemoglobin flavored bagels I served. It also makes me question what I'm eating when ordering out. Gross!

Lastly, I remember there was apparently a mouse problem. So I was working one night and was the only girl (somehow my bestfriend didn't have to work). I was working with the boss, some high school senior who was huge like 6'2" and probably 200+ mostly muscle, and another guy. They found a mouse in the trap and tried to make me sweep it up. I remember arguing as the only girl I shouldn't have to be the one to sweep up this mouse. The boss wouldn't do it b/c "he was the boss" (yeah right pal admit the fear). The big senior wouldn't do it and was actually shrieking in a high pitched voice. I realized that night I wasn't getting paid enough, gave my 2 weeks notice, and thus ended my career in food industry.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Last 4 things people typed in that found my blog:

"she thinks my tractor's sexy"

"budoir photos"

"bridal drawing and scam"

"don't have a plunger"


I booked a wedding photographer today! WOHOO! I'm very exited about it.

I know my wedding is like 14 months away or something but I had my pick of photographers. Plus, all the good ones go early around here like a year in advance for the wedding season which is apparently from april-october.

I definitely didn't want to be stuck with someone crappy or insanely expensive. I emailed some lady who would do it for $15,000. Unless those pictures were made of gold there is NO way I can afford that. $15,000 she's out of her mind! Scary part about that is people are probably actually paying that otherwise she'd be out of business.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Slightly Overwhelmed

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed at my job. I have NO clue what I'm suppose to be doing on the cases I have assigned. I'm not really sure a good order for doing things yet. Thus, far I've gotten files, read files, and set up some meetings for clients to talk to me.

At County B (the county I'm in 1 day a week) it was very organized as to which people I should be shadowing. This was really nice because I was able to go with different people to different things. It also helped because I knew who to ask what they had going on and they knew to let me know. So the 3 days I worked last week, I was able to sit in on client interviews, court cases, detention center visits, etc. It was just nice because I felt comfortable asking them questions and asking for advice.

So today I went to County A and it was chaos. The head guy just got back for 3 days out of the office so he was swamped and everyone else just did their own thing. So it made it difficult to really feel connected with anyone. My office is also located at the end of the hall away from all the action so nobody walks past it. So I just went and sat in different courtrooms trying to observe happenings.

Also kinda odd is Meds (a female attorney in my office who everyone I met told me needs medication or is a "different breed of high maintenance"). Meds hasn't said really ever spoken to me. When I was first introduced to her, she replied with a "hi" and then immediately turned to district head and talked to her. I mean I've literally passed Meds in our office hallway and she looks down at her file or paper in her hand instead of acknowledging me. This doesn't really help the fact that I'm feeling overwhelmed b/c it makes her not approachable at all and makes me wonder what's the deal. On top of just worrying that I'm messing up a clients future (though luckily since I work in district court they aren't looking at too serious of jailtime).

I really want to do a good job but am currently at a loss for a good system or order of doing things. Oh well, maybe I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

First Day

Yesterday was my 1st day as a public defender. It was kinda a whirlwind meeting a bunch of different people. It especially was frazzled because my position is a floating one. I'm in one county 4 days a week and another county for 1 day. So yesterday I went to both counties and met everyone in both offices, the state's attorneys, judges, clerks, bailiffs, people in the clerks offices, probation, juvenile services, etc.

Today, I remember like 2 people's names :)

But the people in both of the offices seem very nice and easy to work with. I had been worried that I would feel intimated by the people I was working with but I didn't at all. The head boss who runs the entire district (3 counties total including the 2 I work in) completely put me at ease.

So I'm very excited so far. I have heard some horror stories about different state's attorneys and some odd things about one of the ladies in my 4 day a week office. But we shall see. I figure I'll let myself be the judge of other people and not be influenced by other's opinions.

In my 1 day a week county, there is some serious male eye candy in the state's attorneys office!! I'm talking HOT!! Though I'm sure after I talk to them their hotness will quickly dissipate :)