Monday, April 24, 2006

Court Attire

It seriously amazing me at what people wear to court. I often wonder what is going through their heads when they wake-up, know they are going to court and choose their outfits. A prime example of "what in the world were you thinking" was last week:

I see this girl in court wearing jeans, one of those cropped jeans jackets, and a t-shirt. The t-shirt has a big yellow smiley face with a bushy tail sticking out of the smiles' mouth. Underneath the shirt reads "I eat pussy." I'm sure the judge loved this ladies' attire.

On the note of court attire. Today I was sitting in court waiting for a case to be called. A woman sitting behind me taps my shoulder. I turn around and she whispers in my ear "I just wanted to let you know that suit looks good on you. It makes you look very attractive." I turned a tomato shade of red. While it was nice, it embarassed me and due to my pale coloring I turned seriously red! But at least red went with my black suit :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"No Comment"

The other day, I have this client who pleads guilty to 1 count of malicious destruction of property above $500 (which can carry a max 3 years and a fine with restitution). The remaining 13 counts are nolle prossed. This client is a young guy barely legal and him and some friends went around shooting cars, businesses, and house windows with a slingshot. They did a far about of property damage totaling nearly $20,000.

So it's the normal courtroom dance: state says the deal and my client's pleading guilty, I say "Blonde Law on behalf of Client. That's correct your honor," read statement of charges, "No additions or corrections", and then in this case we had agreed to defer sentencing and get a presentence investigation done (the compiling of background information about my client that comes with a recommended sentence).

I tell my client to wait for his paperwork and then meet me in the hallway. So I go stand in the hallway. Some guy makes small talk with me (which isn't that odd since many people chat with me around the courthouse). Then this other guy comes over to me:

Guy: "so that guy plead guilty to 1 count of malicious destruction of property and the rest was nolle prossed."

Me: "yup"

Guy: "so he got 3 years"

Me: "no he didn't get Sentenced today, they ordered a PSI"

Guy: writes this down on a crumpled piece of paper

Me: "who are you?"

Guy: "oh i'm Jack Ass from the Harold"

Me: (internally- WTF!! He's not the guy who usually covers court, that guy wears his Harold badge around his neck, this guy looks like a client-with broken shoes and nothing to denote he's with any sort of paper) "what? You know I'm not allowed to speak to the newspaper, it's office policy. Are you going to be quoting me?"

Jack Ass: "not directly quoting you but just saying you said this."

Me: "No. I didn't know I was talking to a reporter, so that was off the record. You can write I said no comment. But you can't quote me. You can ask the state's atty to tell you that or you can write you heard it in court but not that I said it. You can write I represent Client."

Jack Ass: "what's your name?"

Me: (this guys clearly a money reporter as I said it in court) "Blonde Law"

Jack Ass: writes Blond Law

Me: "It's Blonde with an "e"" (ok not really but he did omit a letter from my 1st name)

Jack Ass: " thanks. can I speak to your client."

Me: "No. I'll be telling him not to talk to you."

I couldn't believe how squirrelly that guy was! In the future, I'll be asking everyone before I talk to them who they are.

Luckily though, I don't believe the case made it into the paper b/c there were other bigger news stories that day. So it all worked out but I guess I just need to be on my toes at all times.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sickness :(

Last week, I came down with some sort of virus. It had the beauty of 103 degree fever, coughing, running nose, congestion in chest and exhaustion. I missed work on both Monday and Tuesday. I think I slept for literally 24 straight hours. The problem is that I currently don't have any leave built up. I had 5 personal leave days for the year and I believe I'm in the process of accuring annual and sick leave. Unfortunately, I think I have to take some of my personal leave for those days.

I'm feeling a lot better now. I still have a cough and am still very tired. It's crazy though b/c I usually don't get sick. I guess it just must be either a serious shutdown of my immune system or that fact I'm constantly meeting new people.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


This morning, I saw a car with "X Driving School" written on the side. It was parked next to the driving school. The entire front end of the vehicle was completely smashed. Maybe not the best advertisement for their driving school if students are getting in accidents while learning how to drive. Wonder why the teacher didn't see that coming and use his own brake?