Sunday, May 07, 2006

Crappy immune system

I've been operating for years under the misguided perception that I have a good immune system. In law school, there was only 1 time I got sick. The 4 years before that in college, I was only sick twice. Sure in there may have been a small sniffle or a cough for a day or 2 but nothing I would actually call sick.

I have worked a little over 2 months at the public defender's office. I had an illness and now I currently have pink eye! I honestly don't remember ever having pink eye before in my life. It is possible that I may have had it as a really young kid but none in the last I'd say 20 years. It is seriously gross!

On Friday night, I had gone for a late dinner and margaritas at a Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo. When I came home, I noticed my eyes were red and kinda itchy but thought it was due to being sleepy. I woke up on Saturday morning and my eyes were still itchy and red. It got worse as the day went on so I went to the doctors.

I had a "classic case of bacterial pink eye." Sweet! Good to know. I haven't been around anyone I know had pink eye or anything. I also compulsively wash my hands and always use hand sanitizer after leaving jails and stuff.

So I now have eyedrops I put in every 6 hours and should by now no longer be contagious. Last night, my left eye ended up getting puffy and swelling shut. Which was quite attractive. My fiance actually was wondering if I wanted to play tennis today!! left eye while open today is open very narrowly.

While I will be going to work tomorrow, I'm sure clients and coworkers alike will have to really try to restrain themselves from hitting on me. I'm sure it will be hard because I will definitely be looking like a hotty!


At 10:23 AM, Blogger AngryBell said...

I know by now you are already at work, but my suggestion would have been to slap an eye-patch on and make it work for you. Be the pirate PD! Arrgh.


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