Monday, May 15, 2006


Frat Boy Flip drove me insane today. He literally spent 10 minutes yelling at me because he's a moron. Weeks ago one of my clients was offered a stet with a few conditions that were finalized today. NONE of these conditions involved anything to do with my client testifying in any of the co-defendants cases. My client testifying was not even brought up until Flip suspected one of the co-defendants was going to be doing a suppression motion.

However, what Flip failed to grasp was the fact we had already negotiated the plea agreement and it had been finalized. So my client testifying wasn't going to happen. Even though, in a squirrelly manner, Flip tried to pretend that when stets are offered it is "implied" that they will testify in co-defendants cases. it's not Flip but nice try. Or the "negotiations are a fluid thing". Um...not once we agree then they become binding but valiant effort yet again.

He was so unprofessional in the way he was interacting with me. He was yelling at me about the fact my client wasn't going to testify. He was so loud and he so angry his actually shaking. While I really wanted to tell him to go to hell, I remained calm which I was proud of myself for being able to do. I did get a slightly bitchy tone after repeatedly saying "sorry not my clients' problem, if you call him he'll be taking the 5th."

Then even though my blood was boiling, it became like an out of body experience. Where it was shocking this jerk was actually yelling at me and how long it had been since someone had actually yelled at me. It was just sorta funny to me how unprofessional he was being but the whole thing had the pissed off boyfriend feel to it because he kept using my name like I had personally wronged him. He'd say "Blonde bitch bitch bitch....Blonde gripe gripe gripe." It even ended with his pissy storm off. Followed by the immature calling my case last in the docket to the point where he left the courtroom and the Judge asked me if I had a trial since everything else including lengthy motions had gone.

Flip just doesn't get the big picture.

I mean really. My client isn't a rat and is good friends with the co-defendant. So he had no interest in testifying against him. Testifying wasn't part of the deal and I would never advise my client to take a stet with the condition to testify against someone else anyway. The state can bring back the stet for any reason w/in a year. So if my client was to testify the state could use it against him later. And if you aren't offering my guy anything better than what he already was getting why would he do more than he needs to and do something that could hurt him?


At 6:27 AM, Blogger Peachy said...

That sounds a lot like a DA I deal with constantly. He yells at us for not getting our clients to plead guilty. (Oddly enough, I tend to think of him as a Frat Boy, too.) Actually, he's just lazy and wants us to make his caseload easier. So he hates it when our clients want a trial. And don't even get me started on what happens when you file a Motion to Suppress.

At 10:47 PM, Blogger ACS said...

Some prosecutors are the worst. I just try and think, what if I wasn't here and somebody with less restraint was? My clients would be screwed because nobody can deal with this giant douchebag! Actually, that's an insult to the douche, I should call her/him a turd sandwich.

At 9:12 PM, Blogger Blonde Law said...

It is funny to see how some of these prosecutors not only interact with defense counsel but also with unrepresented defendants. It amazing they don't suffer more on job injuries!

At 3:14 AM, Blogger Anonymous Law Student said...

Wow, I react badly to being yelled at. I have way too much testosterone...I'm afraid I'd revert to caveman mode and start waving my arms around wildly while screeching and spitting.

Hey, don't knock it til' you try it.


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