Sunday, May 14, 2006


This weekend has been insane. Very fun but I'm currently exhausted.

Friday night, I went from work out for a friends birthday. I love this girl to death but I'm an ancient on Fridays. I'm usually so tired from working all week that all I want to do is relax and go to bed early (I know I'm seriously 90!). So we all went out drinking and dancing. It was fun we went a bar where a friend from college works the door so we didn't have to pay much which is always nice! I ended up getting home at 3:30.

Saturday, I get up at 9 am to go to a music festival with some friends and my fiance. We get to the concert around 1 pm. 1/2 bottle of champagne and 5 beers later we actually go in to see some of the performers. I think we made it home around 11ish?

Then today, I got up at 9 feeling like I have 10 pounds of alcohol currently sitting in my intestines. My eyes today are seriously red. I'm not currently sure if the are red b/c I'm tired since I didn't get any good sleep this weekend, if they are red b/c of allergies or if they are red due to a reemergence of pink eye. Either way it's not too cute! But my dad and I went out to brunch with my mom for mother's day which she seemed to enjoy.

Now I'm seriously full. I ate far too much at the buffet! I'm also exhausted so I will be going to bed early tonight!


At 5:26 PM, Blogger Law Dancer said...

Bed sounds like a good idea. You sounded exhausted - and that was typing!

Get some rest - half of my students are down with broncitis. Which was really funny on top of them molting feathers this weekend (curiously, glue softens when exposed to hot lights - who knew?) :)


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